Monday, August 11, 2008

Mrs. Fathim H. Traore (MAIL FOR YOU)

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My dearest one,

May the peace of God be with you and your family, my name is Mrs.Fathim
H.Traore the wife of late Mr. Harry Traore who was the national chairman
of gold/cocoa exporting boards unit here in my country before he was
assassinated two years ago.

My husband and I have married for twenty years with one child name
Martins,19 yrs old.

My husband made a deposit of Eleven Million Five Hundred Thouand United
State Dollars (USD$11.500,000.00) in one of the banks in our neighbouring
country where I am now hospitalised .But my worries now is my cancer
sickness which my doctor have told me that i might not last for the next
three months if I am not flied to overseas for proper treatment, since my
husbands died my whole life has been miserable due to my ill-health.

Having known my condition I decided to seek for your assistance to utilize
this inheritance money the way i am going to instruct you. I want part of
this my inheritance money to go to Orphanages and Widows through you as my
foreign partner/relative, so that we can do good investment in your country
like Real estate or in any profitable business you can introduce in your

I took this decision to contact you because my husband relative is idol
worshipers and I cannot trust any of them due to the way they are treating
me and my son since the death of my husband, also i don't know what might
happen to my life tomorrow due to my cancer sickness. I want this money to
be transferred to your country with your assistance so that my son will
have a good future in your care for his up keeping and he will continue his
education once we relocate to your country. This is the reason i contacted
you personally to know your willingness for assistance and I wait for your
urgent respond,

God bless.
Mrs. Fathim H. Traore

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