Monday, March 17, 2008

Energy Trading Platform

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Subject: [***SPAM*** Score/Req: 21.8/5.0] Energy Trading Platform

New Platform For Trading Energy Set To Revolutionize the Market
Dear Investor,
If you are receiving this email, therea_Ts no doubt that youa_Tre in an elite class of investors. It is for this reason that I am writing to you today. I want to invite you to view an exclusive offer available only to members of our network.
Electronic trading changed how stocks and commodities were traded and opened up new opportunities for the common man.A Therea_Ts a company out there looking to revolutionize the way energy is traded. You can be a part of this very unique opportunity, but ita_Ts limited to a select few investors.
Keep in mind that there are many investment opportunities within our exclusive network that encompass a broad spectrum of industries.A Even if youa_Tre not interested in this specific offering, please provide your contact information for future opportunities.
To learn more about this and other exciting ventures, please click here, A

Richard C. Young
Senior Investment Director
Venture Alliance
P.S. a_" Wea_Tve also included an e-Book on Swing Trading that we have acquired for you. Just click on the link above and download your complementary gift.

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